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Painted Rug DIY

There are so many amazing rugs out right now. Because I wanted something unique and fun but my budget wasn't exactly huge, I decided to make what I wanted.

Octagon with Painters Tape

We have an octagon window our breakfast nook. My husband loves the window and now that there is bench seating the window is more of a feature, its not so hidden.

I purchased a bound remnant for very cheap. It was something that another customer had ordered but didn't take for some reason.

What you will need:

Blue Painters Tape

Acrylic Paint

Fabric Medium

Measuring tape



Foam Brushes (several)

Thin Brush (for detail)

Jars for mixing (you want to mix all the paint and fabric medium you will need at once)

First, I divided the rug into 4ths. I knew I wanted my design pretty straight. I wasn't that concerned with it being divided perfectly but because it was an 8x8 rug it worked.

Next, I was going to cut out a template for the octagons. I was standing in the back yard when my eyes went straight to my birdbath. It was perfect! The good news was it was heavy enough not to move when I taped around it. I made sure that the distance between the octagons was pretty much the same.

Almost done taping. I ended up cleaning up the tape job with a razor blade so there was no overhang at the intersections.

I used a cork coaster I found at a craft store as a template for the middle shape. Again I taped around the inner hexagons.

Using several foam brushes, fabric medium (Martha Stewart) mixed according to the directions into regular acrylic paint, I began to paint the inner hexagons.

Next, I let the coral color dry over night, removed the tape, and started with the outer blue color.

Lastly, I free handed the outer most aqua color.

I really love how it turned out!

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