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Home Staging: Tiny Bungalow, Big Charm

First Glance. The first time you go to see a home in person, what is the first thing you notice?

In this case, the very first things I noticed were the adorable and sunny yellow mail box and light fixture.

When I approached the front porch in person, the second thing I noticed was the chippy and tired front stoop.

When trying to make a GREAT impression, this is one of the most important spots in your home.

While the agent is opening the front door, what are the potential buyers doing?

Potential buyers are taking in all the visual information they can within a few minutes. I want to give them all the good vibes I can.

This is the first impression, it's important to nail it!

I picked up a quart of concrete porch paint in battleship gray, sanded the area, applied 2 coats, and layered a couple of fun new mats to welcome potential buyers. This a small thing that creates a big impact.

After painting the entire home in a beautiful shade of white, we created a welcoming foyer.

As always clean, clean, clean! It takes time or money but it is well worth it!

The last thing you want to do is turn a buyer off because your home is dirty.

I went for light weight furniture. What I mean is the carefully curated furniture is visually "light." Notice the acrylic coffee table allows your eye to see through and beyond it.

I went with a cool calm color palette in this bungalow. It invites the potential buyer to feel a sense of lightness with the goal of allowing them to see themselves in living here.

Have a little fun when staging!

There is nothing wrong with delighting and putting a smile on a potential buyers face!

Set a table. Why not? Take a cue from entertaining. Create a place where buyers can see themselves enjoying a cup of coffee or a place to chat with a friend or family member.

In this second bedroom I went with a clean and clear space. This has a two fold effect, it both makes the space appear larger and it allows a buyer to visualize whatever their needs for this room are.

Ok so this is one of the best areas in this bungalow. When standing on the deck you catch a view of the darling garden, stamped concrete, and cool mod fence. We wanted to highlight the beautifully built deck. The cafe lights and cozy yet modern furniture is the perfect place to dine alfresco this summer!

Thank you for checking out my blog! Please message me if you need help with your current home or a home you are selling. I would love to help!

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