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Alternative Curtain Rods

There are spaces where windows are a focal point. In this particular space, the center of the ceiling is tall in the middle and slopes to each side of the house. I used bright white curtains and bright white paint to highlight the carefully considered items in the space. I knew I needed curtain rods but the space above the windows was calling for something pretty and unique. The windows are three quarters of the wall and a major player in this main living space. I wanted to thread the curtains on a natural object to play against all the white, which can tend to be cold if not anchored by warmth. I found a very cool pitch fork at my favorite local antique mall. It fit the curtain pocket perfectly. Soon after I sought out another pitch fork. Looking for beautiful objects I can use in different ways is one thing I love doing. I am in my happy place when I am hunting and gathering in antique malls or junk shops (and occasionally Marshall's or TJMaxx stores). Where some of my girlfriends won't even step foot into a Marshall's because the non-logical and 'messy' layout I find comfort and order in 'the hunt'. I have learned to embrace this about myself. I love my days hunting around for certain props. As a child I loved the hidden pictures or more recently 'Where's Waldo'. My job is sometimes a real life 'Where's Waldo.'

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