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How To Prep Your Home To Sell. Front Door Refresh.

We have all heard of how important first impressions are. There is no exception for the front door of your home. We have those friends who come to the back or side door, but there are those who haven't been to our homes who are greeted by first by our front door. This is expecially important when you put your home on the market. The front door is the first thing they see and the last. As you can see by my images, before the refresh the door was nice but an odd color from the rest of the home. The paint had become dingy, and the cob webs were taking over. I happen to love blues and greens. Last summer I had a handy man paint the front and side of our home. He scraped and painted the two sides that get the most sunlight, and the most ware. I used Porter Paint, a high end exterior paint. The people from whom I bought the house left us the cans, so I knew the exact color and product. When we decided to put the house I on the market I knew I wanted to clean up the door, light fixture, numbers, the porch slab, and trim. I originally picked out a very bright strong Benjamin Moore Apple color. You can see it on the color chip in one of the shots. My realitor came by and recommended that I stick to a softer version. I choose 'fresh cut grass' instead of 'green apple'. Always remember that your realitor is your best advocate when it comes to staging suggestions. He or she is trying their best to sell your home. They are comparing your home to comps in your immediate area. If your home shows the best and is the most move in ready that will help sell your home quickly. We painted the trim a fresh white color, painted the slab a soothing gray, and changed out the light. I found a fun whimsical wreath at Target. I stuck it to the glass with a suction cup and ta da! Planted pots. It is also important to make the potential buyers feel welcomed and calm. Plants and flowers have a way of doing that. I choose simple creeping phlox and lambs ears to fill the pots. I bought the phlox because I knew it was in season and when I move I can plant it at the new home. The lambs ears are from my flower beds in front of our house. They complement the door and are visually soft. I just chopped of a couple pieces, placed them in fertilized dirt and watered them. The sticks that I stuck into the posts came from a Christmas arrangement I had done last December. I spray painted them a bright green and blue. I also painted my red pots green. The sticks add some privacy and disguise packages that come to the door. These are all things I have been wanting to do but didn't prioritize them. I have heard from many home owners that their homes never looked better than when they went to sell them. This is so true!

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