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Dip Dyed Painter's Drop Cloth Curtains

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

The idea of using mundane materials in new ways is exciting to me. I studied fiber in college and always felt very drawn to textile and surface design. I have always wanted dip dye curtains. Our tall living room ceilings gave me the perfect opportunity to go for it! The windows themselves are very small but the rods were installed near the top of the wall. The previous owner hung them there and I loved the idea. Hanging curtains above the actual window creates drama and length to an otherwise unimpressive window.

I have used painters drop cloths in the past to upholster a sofa. Picking up a tip from my painters who painted the room 'Chantilly Lace' by Benjamin Moore, I bought the 'runners' instead of the larger rectangle cloths. The runners I purchased at the Home Depot, were 100% cotton and measured 4'x15'. My curtains needed to be 109". I realized that there would be waist however it gave me options as to where I wanted the blue line to hit the window. Also I wanted to make pillows. I will follow up with a pillow tutorial later.

This is the canvas runner I purchased at the Home Depot

I had knew I had a weekend and a Monday to complete my project. So instead of using fiber reactive dyes, urea powder, and soda ash (as I was taught in school) I opted for the available-at-the-store-today option. Rit Dye.

I followed the directions on the back of the Rit Dye regarding how much dye per pounds of fabric. Keep in mind that in this case I only dyed the bottom 1/3 of the fabric, with 6 panels.

One very helpful tip:

In order to figure out where I wanted the dye line to start I hung the undyed fabric up and visually decided where I wanted the dye line to hit on the wall. I put a pin on each side of the panel so I knew where to stop dying the fabric in the dye bath.

I pinned the 6 panels together so that the dye line, once hung, would be approximately the same height.

Things you will need:

2 large barrels that will be okay to be stained.

2 ladders (to hold fabric out of the dye bath)

1 long pole (to wrap fabric around)

Dish washing gloves


Rit Dye

Large clamps (to hold fabric on pole)

Large Safety Pins

Very Hot Water

I love the way these turned out and so much less expensive and more interesting than retail curtains. I allowed myself enough length in the curtains so that they puddle on the floor. Have fun and enjoy!


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