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Before and After: A Crusty French Bistro Table Turned Chic Entryway Piece

Before and after stories are so much fun! I bought this table originally for a photo shoot many years ago. I really didn't think I would see it again.

Modern Farmhouse Entryway Table Interior Design
Before Modern Entryway Table

We painted it blue for an advertising campaign. I recently came across it when visiting a friend's studio. He wanted to know if I could use it. It looked rough. The roof had leaked on the particle board top, the paint was chipping and it was rusting.

Modern Farmhouse Entryway Table Interior Design
Before and After Modern Entryway Table

I said yes because I know I have a "thing" for powder coated metal. I brought the table home and somehow shimmied it into its future space to look at size and scale.

I decided it could be an inch smaller on all sides. I called a powder coater I know and got a quote. When I brought it to their shop they explained that they have a metal fabricator that they work with that could create a top for me. I went for it!!

I love the way a crisp white can modernize even the most classic shape. I am especially interested in antique forms married to modern finishes. Im so excited to see it done and in place. Now I need to source a rug!

Before and After Entryway Interior Decor
Entryway Modern Farmhouse Table

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