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Behind The Scenes Of Design STL Shoot

Good Morning! Speaking of being thankful! I am so thankful for my beautiful family and friends. I am also very thankful for a career based in design and passion for design!

I feel like all of us could use a little shot of sunshine right about now. Those of us who live in a grey, wet and cold east and midwest need a little bigger shot!

So please enjoy a burst of sunshine from our latest behind the scenes of DesignSTL magazines shoot.

I was super excited when Jennifer Silverberg asked me to style her amazing new studio space and home.

As you can see her and her husband, Joe Merlone's, space is amazing! My role was a really fun one, enhance and create beautiful vignettes within the existing jaw dropping architecture.

outdoor deck summer table modern garden design
Beautiful Outdoor Deck

outdoor deck summer table modern garden design
Florals are everywhere!

I was able to bring in fresh floral to set the scene within an already beautiful food garden. Jenn's garden is a both a passion and a source for beautiful food imagery.

outdoor deck summer table modern garden design
Jenn shooting away

outdoor deck summer table modern garden floral design
Lovely Tablescape

Wow this light and warmth is glorious!

outdoor deck summer table modern garden design
Perfect Covid Set Up

Nothing is more fun than when you are surrounded by beautiful things and you can play until your hearts content. That is pretty much what Jenn and I were able to do. I have a pretty good feeling that this was their objective when creating a roof top garden. One of my mentors once said something I think of often, "play with the toys in front of you". This garden is a gift of "toys".

outdoor deck summer table modern garden design
The Best Light In Town

There are several little areas in her home to get cozy and relax. This sun drenched patio area is just the right spot for a cup of Big Heart Tea.

outdoor deck summer table modern kitchen design
Studio Kitchen

The studio is large enough for commercial production but still feels warm and inviting. The kitchen is equipped with state of the art appliances, its a perfect layout for food stylists.

The florals I designed gave the perfect little touch of spring!

outdoor deck summer table modern garden design
Hydrangeas For Days

floating shelves mid century interior design
I Love These Off Set Shelves

I am so glad we were able to work together on a beautiful mid western spring day, not that long ago.

Stay safe and enjoy the little things!

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