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Fun Project That Anyone Can Do From Home! DIY Side Tables. Keep Your Hands & Hearts Busy.

Finally! It has been a long time coming but my tree stump tables are finished! This entry is a continuation of a post from a very long time ago.

I find that in times of stress and anxiety it is grounding to work with your hands and heart. Please reach out if you have questions on how I made these or any of the steps I took. Some of us might have stumps sitting in our back yards from trees we had to take down or for our fire pits.

To recap, these logs came from our previous home. We asked the professional tree trimmers to leave a few logs behind that were the correct diameter. My husband and son were able to cut some larger pieces down to size. The following steps were the process we used....

- Allow the stump to dry out inside for several weeks, in our case, a few years.

-We removed the bark the with a wedge and a mallet.

- We used our handy Cable Porter palm sander with 60 grit course sandpaper first. We sanded them down twice with this grit.

-Then we used fine grit 220. We sanded the tables twice with this grit. -Finally, we used Minwax Water Based Polycrylic protective finish. We chose a clear matte finish. -Between fully dried 1st and 2nd coats we sanded them again with the fine 220 grit. We used a total of 3 coats.

I knew I wanted to use these alongside our clawfoot bathtub. However, they would be great next to a club chair or loveseat to hold a coffee cup, glass of wine, or a favorite candle from K Hall Studio. God knows we need a place to find peace and serenity in times like these. Stay safe friends!

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