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Valentine's Cup Full With Heart Families!

What a wonderful opportunity to bring some serious LOVE to heart families!

I will not spoil the surprise of how BEAUTIFUL theses images turned out. You will see them at the upcoming gala A Mighty Night, Friday March 6th, 2020.

Check out some of our exciting behind the scenes shots below....

Those of you have been at your child's bedside praying for a healthy life for your baby, YOU KNOW. Personally, I have had a special journey with my daughter who is a brain tumor survivor. It all hits close to home and is another reason I jumped at the chance to help!

Fast forward, days, months, years-I was invited to be there to celebrate in STYLE with a few beautiful 'heart' families affected by congenital heart defects. I collaborated with some AMAZING fellow St. Louis creatives, Paul Nordmann, Lindsey Hinderer, Haley Hansen, Savannah Hopkins, Lauren Besch,

and Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation with Becky Ortyl, Co-Founder, Executive Director and Oakes Mom, to create a space where they could feel beautiful, brave, and strong!

Chasing what matters! Cup Full!

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